Klimato klasė:: III (aplinkos temperatūra +25°C, santykinė oro drėgmė 60%)

Temperatūros diapazonas: šaldomas (CH) +4 °C +10 °C temp.

Šaldymo blokas: vidinis

Šaltnešis: R404A/R452A

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Length: 600/900/1100/1300/1600/1900/2100/2500
Depth: 780
Height: 2000±30

Useful surface:

  • 600: 1,4
  • 900: 2,1
  • 1100: 2,9
  • 1300: 3,5
  • 1600: 4,4
  • 1900: 5,2
  • 2100: 5,8
  • 2500: 7,0

Standartinė versija

Construction of power coated steel
Solid sides made of powder coated steel exterior and mirror steel interior
Top lighting
Vertical sides lighting (except double glass sides with serigraphy)
5 rows of adjustable shelves
Night blind


Construction of stainless steel
Glazed sides
Double glass sides with serigraphy
Highlighted shelves
Strips with hooks
Plexiglas or wired stoppers
Wooden casing
Stainless steel interior and angled roof F&V version
Evaporator with heater
Glass sliding doors (DP) except MVR-600
Pleksiglas hinged doors (DU)
For external condensing unit (AZ): Cooling power demand: 1500W/rm at evaporating temp. -10°C and condensation temp. of +45°C
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