Rafaello C-1 RF

Temperature range: +4 ÷ +10°C

Refrigerating unit: internal

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C-1 RF
Lenght with sides*
Useful surface (m2)Weight
Daily consumption
60/CH, 60/GR, 60/NE6458601370±30**1,0140/100/908,5/7,0/0,8
90/CH, 90/GR, 90/NE9451,6200/140/12511,0/10,0/1,3
130/CH, 130/GR, 130/NE13452,4250/220/20015,0/13,0/2,7
200/CH, 200/GR, 200/NE20003,7320/280/26020,0/17,0/4,0

CH – refrigerated, GR – hot, NE – neutral

* Side: 20 mm

** Dimension given for the unit with the legs.

Values are provided for an evaporation temp. of –10°C, condensation temp. of +45°C, ambient temp. of +25°C and relative humidity of 60%.

Description of standard unit

Construction of powder-coated steel
Wooden casing
Front and side glasses: double with serigraphy (silver or black)
Highlighted, adjustable, glass shelves
Silver or black nishes
Forced cooling
Temperature range: +4 ÷ +10°C
Automatic water evaporation
Humidity control – Hygrostat (dryer)
LED lighting (except GR version)
Glass top


Highlighted bottom front
Ultrasonic humidifier (except RF 60)
For individual decoration
For external condensing unit – cooling power demand:
1000 W/1mr at evaporating temp. –10°C
and condenstation temp. of +45°C
Cash table
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