Temperature range: +1ºC/+10ºC (3 cl.)

Refrigerating unit: Internal

Refrigerant/Cooling factor: R-290

Rated voltage: 230 V~ / 50 Hz

Rated power: 655 W / 1060 W

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counter modelX 135/120X 197/120
length [cm]134,5197
exposition length [cm]125187,5
depth* [cm]120120
exposition depth [cm]7575
height [cm]9393
exposition height [cm]1717
module modelX 125/120X 188/120
length [cm]125187,5
exposition length [cm]125187,5
depth* [cm]120120
exposition depth [cm]7575
height [cm]9393
exposition height [cm]1717

* depth of the device with English version of power socket will be 121,5 cm (with railing – 145,5 cm)

Standard equipment

Refrigerating unit

  • 3rd climatic class
  • Plug-in unit powered with ecological R-290 refrigerant
  • Fan assisted cooling
  • Electronic temperature controller with display from the service side
  • Access to a condenser that does not require tools
  • Independent glass panes drainage system
  • Automatic condensate evaporation system


  • Sides made of ABS in inoXframe design
  • Housing insulated with ecological polyurethane foam
  • Housing painted in black colour semi mat RAL 9005
  • Possibility to connect in longer series lines
  • Adjustable legs
  • Front panels made of powder-painted steel or furniture board
  • Double electric socket from the service side on the right side of the device
  • Front finish in 2 versions: with bumpers of grinded stainless steel or without bumpers


  • Worktop made of grinded stainless steel of the width of 30 cm


  • Divided bottom of the exposition made of “mirror” stainless steel (pulled out segments)
  • Electronic thermometer on the customer side
  • LED lighting adapted for goods
  • Glass panes opening system on the lift-up cylinders
  • Front glass pane divided, flat, opened up
  • All panes made of tempered glass
  • Night covers


  • Door of storage in the same colour as housing with magnetic gasket
  • Perforated platform on whole surface on storage bottom
  • Capacious storage (allows to store 6 pcs. of Euro 2 containers)

Additional equipment

Refrigerating unit

  • Set of thermostatic expansion valves – 2 pcs. – availability and price upon agreement
  • Device without aggregate (SiX)
  • Protection of the evaporator with a preservative coating


  • Set of 4 wheels with regulated foot
  • Order and mountage of double electric socket
  • Order counter without double electric socket
  • Change the side of double electric socket mountage – left side of the device


  • “Linen” stainless steel
  • Granite


  • Exposure partition made of tempered glass (permanently fixed)


  • Cutting board
  • Pollen filter (reusable)
  • Cascade of the depth of 37 cm
  • Platform for cashbox/scale made of stainless steel
  • Platform for top containers in storage
  • Exposure partition made of PMMA movable
  • Exposure partition made of tempered glass (movable)
  • USB temperature recorder (wireless)
  • Night cover made of PMMA
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