Vario M L

Temperature range: 3L1 (-22/-18ºC)

Refrigerating unit: External

Refrigerant/Cooling factor: R404a / R507 / R448  / R449 

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SpecificationsCODELength (mm)Refrigerant
VARIO M 1.56L mod/C/2VRM156.1000L1564R404a, R507, R448, R449
VARIO M 2.34L mod/C/3VRM234.1000L2342R404a, R507, R448 , R449
VARIO M 3.12L mod/C/4VRM312.1000L3123R404a, R507, R448 , R449

Description of standard equipment

powered only by external aggregate
device prepared for multiplexing
dynamic cooling (ventilated)
energy – saving electronically commutated fans
ecological polyurethane foam insulation
hinged doors with combined glass
hinged doors self – closer
heated door frame
front bottom panel made of coated steel – different colors available (Igloo pattern book)
front top panel made of coated aluminum profile – different colors available (Igloo pattern book)
base plinth made of stainless steel with a floor seal
interior made of coated steel – different colors available (IGLOO pattern book)
4 poziomy półek siatkowych plastyfikowanych z możliwością zmiany wysokości + dolna półka bazowa
price slats – selectable colour (IGLOO colour chart)
automatic defrost (electric heaters)
display space thermometer
Innowacyjne pionowe oświetlenie LED (do wyboru barwa światła- biała cukiernicza lub mięsna)
electronic temperature controller with digital display (Carel)
mechanical expansion valve
siphoned condensate drain – diameter of the connector pipe Ø 40
refrigerant system adapted for R448A / R449A / R450A / R407F / R404A / R507 agent


insulated side panels made of white coated steel – thickness : 40 mm
niestandardowy kolor boków izolowanych pełnych (po konsultacji z Działem Sprzedaży)
insulated side panels made of stainless steel
custom bottom front panel colour (after consultation with the Igloo sales department)
bottom stainless steel front panel
custom colors of top front panel
device interior made of stainless steel
wnętrze z blachy nierdzewnej kwasoodpornej
chrome reticulated shelves
powder painted evaporator
przegroda stała z tworzywa PETG (Vivak)
front buffer with stainless steel profile
no thermostat – 2 x temperature sensor NTC [10kΩ]
electronic expansion valve with controlling regulator (Carel / Danfoss)
cooling system adopted to factor R744 (CO2) (only with electronic expansion valve)
top outlets of the cooling circuitry
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