Rafaello C-1 RF

Temperature range: +4 ÷ +10°C

Refrigerating unit: internal

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C-1 RF
Lenght with sides*
Useful surface (m2)Weight
Daily consumption
60/CH, 60/GR, 60/NE6458601370±30**1,0140/100/908,5/7,0/0,8
90/CH, 90/GR, 90/NE9451,6200/140/12511,0/10,0/1,3
130/CH, 130/GR, 130/NE13452,4250/220/20015,0/13,0/2,7
200/CH, 200/GR, 200/NE20003,7320/280/26020,0/17,0/4,0

CH – refrigerated, GR – hot, NE – neutral

* Side: 20 mm

** Dimension given for the unit with the legs.

Values are provided for an evaporation temp. of –10°C, condensation temp. of +45°C, ambient temp. of +25°C and relative humidity of 60%.

Description of standard unit

3 versions: refrigerated (CH), hot (GR), neutral (NE)

Construction of powder coated steel

Finish with powder coated sheet

Wooden casing

Top, side and front double glass with serigraphy (silver or black)

Highlighted adjustable glass shelves (LED)

Black profiles

Top glass

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